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Sandlands is a massive undertaking for us as creators. All in all it has taken us some two years of serious development in terms of ideas, backstories and the world itself.

Sandlands is meant to be enjoyed as a manga and an animated series is in the works as well!

The spinoffs are published in a manga-form which we like to call "fimanga" as the primary makers are Finnish and subtle cultural references can be spotted throughout the world.


The first side story of Sandlands!

In 'The King is Born' we follow a few of the main characters through their origin stories all the way from when they first met almost to the timeline of the animated series.

The main antagonist in the story is Percival Ovoyle, who has long left his home in order to etch himself a better life. One day, he encounters a huge sandstorm which leads him astray of the caravan he was following through the desert of Gamma, or Sandlands.

He is eventually found wounded by a group of children belonging to an Old Folk tribe, an ancient people inhabiting the desert areas. The children, namely Bo Jang Tenstring, Bo Lin Hotteapot and Du Tel Indigo save Percival's life, but he needs more help than the tribe can provide.

Through a series of events the whole group is banished from the tribe! The Old Folk children decide to try and save Percivals life in the long run too and embark on an adventure which will rock the foundations of Sandlands.

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