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Shouted the Granny in the snow.

The above is a Finnish proverb reflecting the relentless drive to move forward in the face of challenges. This takes guts and courage - also known commonly as "sisu" - and this is the philosophy we strive to abide by.

KinoKraft is a multimedia company founded in the summer of 2020. We bring together individuals with a vast amount of experience in a multitude of creative roles including but not limited to visual arts, sculpting, design, cinematography, photography, 3D modelling and rendering, directing and more.


Ask us what we can do for your project and we can comfortably say we have got you covered! We and our network can scale to the needs of our customers with ease making us a very flexible company capable of taking on multiple projects at the same time.


The company was founded by Lauri Korpela and Marianna "Marde" Peltonen in order to firstly, start developing our own ideas further and secondly, because it allows us to do what we love the most, and that is creative work of all kinds!

We are currently working on animation called Sandlands, and our roadmap has begun with the first instalment to the series in the form of a "fimanga".


We have previously had the chance to work at some high profile companies including Weta Workshop, NZIFF, GimmeYaWallet, BBC and others. This gives us an unique set of contacts and skills which we can utilize for our projects.

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